This collection would not have been possible without the enthusiastic col-
laboration and encouragement of the contributors and Duke University
Press. We would like to express our gratitude to Eve Sedgwick, who en-
couraged us to submit the collection to Series Q. From his warm response
to our initial inquiry, Ken Wissoker supported the project and he and Jean
Brady shepherded it through the technical details of production. Jean, Ken,
and Ken's assistant Richard Morrison have earned our gratitude for making
this collection a reality. We would also like
thank George Yudice and
Benigno Sanchez-Eppler for their detailed critical readings of each essay.
We are grateful to the Committee on Research, the Department of Span-
ish and Portuguese, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Graduate
Division, and the Center for German and European Studies at the Uni-
versity of California, Berkeley, for providing funding to defray some of the
production expenses of the book. The editors wish to thank Eleta Trejo-
Cantwell for her excellent organization of the index. At a crucial deadline
during final preparation of the manuscript, Charlotte Rubens was gener-
ous with her time and technical expertise; we are deeply grateful for her
unfailing humor and friendship.
Through the efforts of Billy Bussell Thompson, we are able to include
Walsh's essay "A Logic in Lorca's
Ode to Walt Whitman"
was written four years before his death in
We thank the Univer-
sity of Chicago Press for permission to include Jorge Salessi's essay, "The
Argentine Dissemination of Homosexuality:
previously pub-
lished in the
Journal of the History of Sexuality.
The Frumkin/Adams Gallery
granted permission to reproduce Arnaldo Roche Rabell's painting "For
the Record: The Eleventh Commandment" to accompany Arnaldo Cruz-
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