Entrepreneurial Selves: An Introduction
1. Earlier roots for these observations are found in Foucault (1988).
2. What might have been the final frontier for capitalist rationality, efficiency, and
profit- maximization, the mysterious, unpredictable realm of sleep is now also
subject to capitalist logic. A new growth industry of sleep science and intervention
gears itself not toward the pleasures of sleep as rest, and therefore distinct from
work, but instead as integral to productivity, and thus a further sphere for ambi-
tion, goals, and improvement (Crary 2013; Fairbanks 2014).
3. The original Zouave uniforms were presented by Queen Victoria to the West India
Regiment in 1858, and are still worn today in a weekly ritual before the Garri-
son clock tower. See Corrie Scott, “Changing of the Guard at the Main Guard,”
Caribbean Serendipity (blog), http: // caribbeanserendipity.blogspot.com/2012/03
/changing- of- guard- at- main- guard.html#!/2012/03/changing- of- guard- at- main
- guard.html.
4. This creative workshop was held at Columbia University, Mailman School of Pub-
lic Health, and led to the edited volume by the same title, Love and Globalization
(Padilla et al. 2007).
5. The hiddenness of same- sex relations was notable in a society in which open and
remarkably explicit discussion of sex abounds, and where homophobia is wide-
spread. This is a subject that is finally being addressed widely in the academic
literature, legal debates, and popular discourse. I found myself in a difficult eth-
ical position in my interviews with several individuals whom I had understood,
through personal networks, to be homosexual, and who made mention in their
interviews of “partners” but who kept their sexual identities private. I discuss
these cases briefly and the general question of heteronormativity in Barbados in
chapter 2.
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