Th e present collection brings together three series of texts that extend
over a period of twenty years and are thus coextensive with the larger
part of my recent work in po liti cal philosophy. Some of them have al-
ready appeared in other frameworks; others have remained unpublished
in this form until now. In or ga niz ing them in a rational fashion, I have
sought to present them not, to be sure, as parts of a system, but nonethe-
less as correlative dimensions of a problematic centered on what I call in
the introductory essay the antinomies of citizenship.1
Th e fi rst series of essays outlines the general idea of a dialectic of in-
surrection and constitution that I presented in 1989 (at the Conférences
du Perroquet) in “Th e Proposition of Equaliberty,” the complete version
of which is produced here. It was subsequently extended by “New Refl ec-
tions on Equaliberty” (pre sen ta tions from 2002– 2003 in En gland and
Mexico), in which I compared the idea of a demo cratic power associated
with the invention of rights with the institution of social rights within
the framework of the national- social state, the crisis of which we are expe-
riencing today, and discussed its tendency to reduce anthropological dif-
ferences to so cio log i cal categories. Owing to the place the examination of
Robert Castel’s theses on social property occupies in this discussion, and
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