As this project has evolved over the years and migrated between Europe,
South America, and the United States, we have counted on the intellectual
and editorial help of innumerable people on three continents. Many of
those people who collaborated closely with us on the earlier Spanish edi-
tion (La participaci6n indigena en los mercados surandinos) are mentioned in
the preface to that book. But we would like to acknowledge here the early
and enduring support of our Bolivian colleagues, as well as the generous
support of the Joint Committee on Latin American Studies of the Ameri-
can Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council
(SSRC). This book is part of a longer, collaborative research project in
Andean history and anthropology, which has also yielded two other im-
portant volumes (see Chapter I). Over many years, the Social Science Re-
search Council has lent its financial and intellectual support to this project.
Most recently, the council has provided funds to cover the costs of trans-
lation and manuscript preparation to bring out a greatly revised, updated,
English-language version of the original book. We thank Eric Hershberg
and other members of the staff of the Latin American program of the
Social Science Research Council for their help in facilitating this funding.
Staff at our respective universities and research centers lightened the
burdens of editorial work and typing, for which we are very grateful. The
translation work was done by Anna Crowe, Judith Evans, Julie Franks,
and Jose Gordillo. We are especially indebted to Julie Franks, who, in
addition to translating the articles by Carlos Sempat Assadourian and
Marisol de la Cadena (Chapters 4 and II), found time to correct and style
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