Aym. = Aymara Q. = Quechua Sp. = Spanish
abarcas (Sp.) sandals
abasca everyday woolen cloth
agregado (Sp.) migrant incorporated
into an ayllu (q. v.) or hacienda.
(q. v.) different from his place of
aguardiente (Sp.) brandy, liquor
aguayos (Aym.) shawls, carrying
alcabala (Sp.) sales tax
alpargates leather shoes
al partir (Sp.) sharing or sharecrop-
altiplano (Sp.) high Andean plain
m.) extending south from
Lake Titicaca
anexo (Sp.) satellite village
apiri (Aym.) carrier (used for un-
skilled mineworker)
arrieraje; arriero (Sp.) droving;
arroba (Sp.) weight of approx 25 lbs.
artesania (Sp.) handicrafts
astucia (Sp.) astuteness, sharp prac-
audiencia (Sp.) viceregal court and
governing body
awqaruna (Q.) soldier people, who
according to myth dominated the
central and southern Andes before
Inca rule
ayllu (Q.) territorial group orga-
nized in a segmentary system and a
rule of endogamy
ayni (Aym.
Q.) reciprocal ex-
change of like for like
azogue (Sp.) mercury
azogueros (Sp.) large mine owners
who refined using mercury
baja (Sp.) carry mineral from mine-
head to refinery
bajador (Sp.) worker who transports
the mineral
barreta (Sp.) iron bar
bayeta (Sp.) baize, homespun
woolen cloth
botija (Sp.) earthenware jug
cachcoa unidentified food-plant
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