one of the heroic
mythical figures of the modern age is that of the
Author, a solitary individual who, through research, contemplation, and
angst, produces works of originality. Thankfully, the genre known as the
“acknowledgments” puts any such self-delusions to rest. This work is the
product of institutional support, the generosity of colleagues and friends,
and the patience and love of family.
From its birth as a dissertation to its metamorphosis as a book, this proj-
ect has benefited from the support of a number of institutions. The Po-
litical Science Department at the University of Melbourne housed me as a
graduate student, and it was there that I returned as an honorary visiting
scholar in the summer of 2002. The Government Department at the Uni-
versity of Sydney offered a similar invitation in 2003. I am grateful to both
institutions for their generous sharing of resources and the collegiality of
both faculty and staff. At the University of California, Santa Cruz (ucsc),
where the thesis slowly morphed into a manuscript, I thank the Commit-
tee on Research for funding my overseas research in 2003 and 2004. The
staff at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and the India Office Li-
brary, London, made such research as painless as possible. A special thank
you also to Patricia Sanders and Marianna Santana for their editorial and
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