is Professor of History and Chair of the Council on Latin
American Studies at Yale University. He is the author of Revolution from Without:
Yucatan, Mexico, and the United States,
Rediscovering the Past at Mexico's
Periphery; and numerous articles on the Mexican revolution and the history of
rural crime and protest. He is also the coeditor, with Allen Wells, of Yucatan y la
International Harvester and, with Jeffery Brannon, of Land, Labor. and Capital in Modern
Yucatan: Essays in Regional History and Political Economy Currently he is completing a
book with Allen Wells on elite politics and rural insurgency in Yucatan during the
Pornriato and early revolutionary era, as well as writing a social and political
history of Mexico.
teaches anthropology and Latin American studies at the Univer-
sity of Arizona and is a managing editor of the Journal of Historical Sociology Since
the early 1980s he has carried out research in rural Chihuahua and has published
articles on historical anthropology, agrarian struggles in northern MexicO, and
the anthropology of work. He is the author of Spent Cartridges of Revolution: An
Anthropological History of Namiquipa, Chihuahua, the editor of Rural Revolt in Mexico
and U.S. Intervention, and the coeditor, with John Calagione and others, of Worker's
ExpreSSions: Beyond Accommodation and Resistance.
teaches anthropology at the University of Arizona. She has
conducted ethnographic and archival investigation in Mexico and the United
States, and has held postdoctoral fellowships at the Pembroke Center for Teach-
ing and Research on Women (Brown University) and the Southwest Institute for
Research on Women (Tucson, Arizona). She is the author of a forthcoming
volume, Blood, Sex, and Gold: Honor, Gender. and Resistance on Mexico's Northern Frontier
and numerous articles on popular resistance, social memory, historical anthropol-
ogy; gender, and ethnicity.
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