Barbaro Browning
is an associate professor of performance studies at New York
University. She
studied, taught, and performed Brazilian dance in the United
States, Brazil, and Europe, and is the author of Samba: Resistance in Motion (Indi-
ana U P, 1995).
Fraser Delgado
is an assistant professor of English at Penn State Univer-
sity. Her work on transnational cultural studies has appeared in Cultural Critique
and in the Latin American Literary Review.
teaches American studies and women's studies at the Univer-
sity of Iowa. She has also worked as a professional choreographer and performer.
Her work on media and performance has appeared in Signs, Cultural Studies,
Visual Anthropology, and East/West Film Journal, among others. She is the editor of
a collection of new dance criticism called Meaning in Motion (1997).
Jose Esteban Munoz
is an assistant professor in performance studies at Tisch
School of the Arts, New York University. He has published articles on race and
sexuality in Screen, TDR, and CCQ, and in several critical antholOgies. He is
coeditor of Pop Out: Queer Warhol (1996) and author of Disidentifications (forth-
Josh Kun
is a graduate student in ethnic studies in the English Department at the
University of California, Berkeley.
Ana M.
Lopez is an associate professor in communications at Tulane University.
Her writings on Latin American film have appeared in Wide Angle, Cinema Jour-
nal, and Studies
Latin American Popular Culture. She is the co-editor of
Eye: Latino Media Arts (1996), and Mediating Two Worlds: Cinematic Encounters in
the Americas (1993).
Gustavo Perez Firmat
is a poet and professor in romance studies at Duke Univer-
sity. His work includes Next Year in Cuba: A Cuban Emigre Comes
Age in America
(1995); Bilingual Blues (1995); Life on the Hyphen:
Cuban-American Way (1994);
Do the Americas Have a Common Literature? (1990); and
Cuban Condition (1989).
Jose Piedra
is a professor of Spanish at Cornell University.
writings on Afro-
Hispanic literature and culture have appeared in New Literary History and Ameri-
can Literature.
is an assistant professor of Spanish at Columbia University.
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