The following people were of special help in writing this book. By offer-
ing comments on the pieces when they were originally being written, ad-
vice and other aid at varying points in the preparation of the book itself,
or both, they demonstrated once again the value of critical and gener-
ous colleagues. My deep thanks go to Pat Bateson, Ben Bradley, Linnda
Caporael, Richard Francis, Eli Gerson, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Russell
Gray, Paul Griffiths, Megan Gunnar, Jack Hailman, Mae-Wan Ho, Tim
Johnston, Evelyn Fox Keller, William Kessen, Philip Kitcher, Richard
Lewontin, Lenny Moss, Katherine Nelson, Jeff Ricker, Barbara Herrn-
stein Smith, Elliott Sober, Don Symons, Peter Taylor, Rasmus Winther,
and Cor van der Weele. Miriam Angress, Pam Morrison, and Reynolds
Smith of Duke University Press were responsive and supportive; what
more could any author ask?
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