foreword to the 2015 edition
aurora levins morales
ther e is a kin d of a rt
that acts on me like a bell. It vibrates
through me, filling me with harmonics. Some creative act arising
out of another life stirs the deep place where my own creativity
wells up and has me frantically searching my pockets for scraps of
paper, so I can scribble down the fragments of fresh language that
bubble up to answer it.
It isn’t triggered by talent or insight alone. I encounter fine
writing, exquisite music, and visual art every day that I appreciate,
without feeling that pulse of stillness, that stirring of wings. It
happens when the artist’s courage has stripped away everything
false. When what is left rings so true that the true things I ache
to say hum in response. Exile and Pride is that kind of art.

–• –•
I am writing this the day after nationwide demonstrations once
more filled the streets with outrage at the impunity of racist vi-
olence. I am writing this at the end of a year in which my heart
ricocheted between Gaza, Ayotzinapa, and Ferguson, in which I
became physically ill from rage, grief, and fear that had no outlet,
frustrated by my body’s inability to march and shout; the poetry
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