My deepest debt of gratitude is to the many individuals who agreed to partici-
pate in interviews but who remain nameless here for reasons of confidentiality.
I feel extremely privileged, inspired, and humbled to have had the opportunity
to speak with all of you, to document some key moments in your lives, and to
reflect with you on the significance of U.S. and Salvadoran immigration policies
and histories. I have been changed as a result, and I now view the world differ-
ently. I hope that this book in some way does justice to the many accounts that
were entrusted to me and that it serves to re/member.
I am also indebted to the many individuals and organizations that facilitated
the research for this book by inviting me to events, referring me to others, al-
lowing me to make announcements about the project, and brainstorming with
me. I thank Henry Aguilar, Jesus Aguilar, Kay Andrade- Eekhoff, Tony Azúcar,
Beth Baker- Cristales, Norma Chinchilla, Grace Delgado, Ester Hernández,
Luis Perdomo, Alex Sanchez, Daniel Sharp, Samuel Uribe, and Kristine Zent-
graf for their help. I am also grateful to the Central American Resource Cen-
Los Angeles;
Internacional in San Salvador; the
Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad, El Salvador; El Rescate, Los Angeles;
and Homies Unidos, El Salvador, for their assistance. In particular, I could not
have done interviews with individuals who had been deported to El Salvador
were it not for the incredibly valuable assistance of Luis Perdomo, to whom
I owe a tremendous debt. There are other individuals who also assisted but
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