Atomic Cafe. Black-and-white and color film. The Archives Project (Kevin Raf-
ferty, Jayne Loader, and Pierce Rafferty), United States, 1982. Facets Video.
Black-and-white film, 66 min. Andy Warhol, United States, 1965. Mu-
seum of Modern Art.
D'Est. Color film, 107 min. Chantal Akerman, 1993. World Artists Releasing.
Divine Horsemen. Black-and-white film, 54 min. Maya Deren, United States,
1947-1985. Museum of Modern Art, Mystic Fire Video.
From the Pole to the Equator. Color film, 96 min. Yervant Giankian and Angela
Ricci Lucchi, West Germany and Italy, 1987. Museum of Modern Art.
Handsworth Songs. Color film, 58 min. Black Audio Film Collective, England,
1985. Third World Newsreel, Mongrel Media.
Hide and Seek. Black-and-white film, 62 min. Su Friedrich, United States, 1996.
Women Make Movies, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center.
The Human Figure in Motion. 4,789 black-and-white photographs. Eadweard
Muybridge, United States, 1887. Dover Publications.
I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like. Video, 89 min. Bill Viola, United States,
1986. Museum of Modern Art.
In the Land of the Headhunters. Black-and-white silent film and sound video, 47
min. Edward Curtis, United States, 1914. Remade as In the Land of the War
Canoes, 1973. Milestone.
It Wasn't Love. Black-and-white video,
min. Sadie Benning, United States,
1991. Video Data Bank.
Kiss. Black-and-white film, 54 min. Andy Warhol, United States, 1963. Museum
of Modern Art.
Landscape Suicide. Color film, 95 min. James Benning, United States, 1986. Cana-
dian Filmmakers Distribution Center.
Land without Bread (Las Hurdes). Black-and-white film, 27 min. Luis Bufmel,
Spain, 1932. Museum of Modern Art.
Les Maftres fous. Color film, 24 min. Jean Rouch, France, 1954. Interama.
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