Some of the essays, articles, and interviews in
this book have appeared in various forms in other
places. "Free, Single, and Disengaged" first ap-

peared in
54 (Fall
"Spate of Flux" and "The Conversation
Game: John Cage" were published in
New Art Examiner. A
number of the
chapters appear courtesy of
Down Beat, The Wire, Option, Coda, Cadence,
Butt Rag,
Victo Records.
I was fortunate to receive a grant from the
Institute of Modern Communications at Northwestern University, which
allowed me to videotape Lee "Scratch" Perry in Zurich. A preliminary inter-
view with Derek Bailey was conducted at WGBH, Boston, thanks to John
VocL I am also grateful to have attended a number of music festivals, at
which I was able to conduct various other interviews. Thanks to Michael
Levasseur at Festival International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville; Ken
Pickering at the du Maurier InternationalJazz Festival, Vancouver; George
Gruntz at Jazzfest Berlin; Ed Baxter at the London Musicians' Collective;
and Huub van Riel at BIMhuis, Amsterdam.
As in any undertaking as varied as this, a great many people aided and
abetted me. For things academic and otherwise, I would like to thank Mimi
White,Jim Schwoch, Michael Hyde, Margaret Drewel, and James Webster at
Northwestern University. Editors have helped in the process of preparing
some of these texts for publication; I should especially thank Rosalind
Krauss, Martha Buskirk, Mark Sinker, Pete Margasak, Robert Dulgarian,
Mark Kemp, John Ephland, Dave Helland, Allison Gamble, Ann Weins, and
Deb Wilk for their editorial suggestions. I extend my appreciation to the
musicians who participated in the numerous interviews that went into the
book; thanks to Steve Beresford and Derek Bailey, especially, for putting in
editorial time as well.
I am fortunate to have friends who are also accomplices; muchos gracias
Jalal Toufic, Tom "Sphere" Fry, Ben Portis, Mick Hurbis-Cherrier, Katherine
Hurbis-Cherrier, Philip Kirk, Kevin Whitehead, Hal Rammel, Tim Fitzger-
ald,Jayne "AJ" Hyland, Russell Fine,Jim Macnie, Bob Snyder, Aaron Cohen,
Allan Chase, Mark Wolff, Beth Rega, David Grubbs,]. P. Chill, Anna McCar-
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