There are twenty- five years of people and places to thank here. The cultural
institutions that have supported my work and employed me over this time:
The Studio Museum in Harlem, the Jamaica Arts Center, and the Walker
Art Center. In my scholarly life, the gifted faculties and departments of his-
tory of art and African American studies, as well as the Griswold Fund at
Yale University; the department of art history and archaeology and the Insti-
tute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University. The
generous sponsorship of the Alphonse Fletcher Sr. Fellowship at Harvard
University; the David C. Driskell Prize in African American Art and Art
History, High Museum of Art, Atlanta; and the Peter Norton Family Foun-
dation. All are greatly appreciated.
There would be no book without many, many wonderful artists I’ve
had a chance to work with over the years whose art you will find in these
pages. I have much gratitude for all the fantastic students who keep ask-
ing questions. Many colleagues in the academy, the museum, and other
parts of the art world have supported me along the way, including: Rasheed
Araeen, David A. Bailey, Emma Bedford, Camille Billops, Rashida Bum-
bray, David Cabrera, Luis Camnitzer, Hazel Carby, Lisa Gail Collins, Margo
Crawford, Olivier DeBroise, Okwui Enwezor, Tom Finkelpearl, Jean Fisher,
Coco Fusco, Paul Gilroy, Thelma Golden, Alexander Gray, Farah Jasmine
Griffin, Kathy Halbreich, Deidre Hamlar, Anna Harding, halley k. harris-
burg, Salah Hassan, James Hatch, Jurgen Heinriches, Anne Higonnet, Kurt
Hollander, Robin D. G. Kelley, Thomas Lawson, Arnold Lehman, Susana
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