I am lucky to be surrounded at Johns Hopkins University by people who
forge eco sensibilities into their teaching and writing. Naveeda Khan, Katrin
Pahl, Paola Marrati, Nidesh Lawtoo, Anand Pandian, Nicolas Jabko, Bentley
Allan, Mimi Keck, and Jane Bennett have all contributed to my thinking on
the issues explored in this book. I thank them for both the examples of their
work and the illuminating conversations we have had.
Recent and current gradu ate students in theory at Hopkins have played
an impor tant role in my thinking, calling attention to texts that were passing
me by, posing criticisms inside and outside of class, and reading chapters
of this book with critical and caring eyes. Jairus Grove, now teaching at the
University of Hawaii, has been very impor tant, and I thank him also for the
indispensable role he plays in our blog, The Con temporary Condition. Anatoli
Ignatov, who now teaches ecol ogy at Appalachian State University, has been
equally impor tant. Derek Denman has read through the entire manuscript
and made invaluable suggestions for its improvement. Stephanie Erev and
Jon Masin- Peters have read chapters and called my attention to impor tant
texts as each also prepares a dissertation on allied topics. Nicole Grove, Kel-
lan Anfinson, Tim Hanafin, Chris Forster Smith, Chad Shomura, and Nur
Kirmizdag have also informed my thinking. A new set of students has been
subjected to two seminars in which we engaged several of these issues and
themes. Too numerous to list now, I prize their thinking and the convictions
they bring to the world.
Eco- thinkers elsewhere have been very impor tant to this study. Libby
Anker, Tom Dumm, Steve Johnston, Emily Parker, Romand Coles, Claire
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