As this project moved from handwritten journal entries, scat-
tered articles, and miscellaneous notes, I incurred many debts of grati-
tude. A number of friends and colleagues listened with patience as I
groped for clarity, recommending useful readings to help me along;
others read early drafts of several chapters, offering helpful advice and
raising pertinent questions. It is a pleasure to thank Cathy David-
son, Bonnie M. Davis, Alex Dunkel, Gary Fenstermacher, Rita R. Foy,
Elissa Gelfand, Anne Hutchins-Tatum, Fred Kiefer, Susan Koppelman,
Barbara Kosta, Lola Mapes, Naomi Miller, Angie Moreno, Debra Ol-
son, Robert Pack, Susan Pack, Virginia Richardson, Roland Richter,
Jeffrey Rivkind, Sheila Slaughter, Karen
Smith, Linda Stapleton,
Charles Tatum, John Taylor, Emily Toth, Tilly Warnock, and Amy
At an early stage of composition, the chapter on cognitive diversity
benefited from review, comments, and materials provided by Richard
D. Hallick, Christopher G. Johnson, and Mary Wildner-Bassett. Dennis
Evans researched materials that went into a first draft of the chapter
on setting an agenda for change. Keith Lehrer shared the audio cassette
of his interview with Lesley Stahl and thus enabled me to compose
the chapter on CBS's
60 Minutes" at the University of Arizona and
the public debate over tenure; he was also warmly generous in review-
ing the developing essay at different stages.
The chapter on antifeminist intellectual harassment owes a special
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