Works Referenced in the Text
The titles referenced here include works directly referred to in the
text; works which have been drawn on in particular sections; and a
handful of others which are especially pertinent to various points
in the narrative. The writings of Stuart Hall cited could have been
multiplied many times over. Those included here serve only to help
the reader follow up particular lines of argument which are aired in
this book.
In most cases the dates given refer to first publication.
The most complete bibliography of Hall’s writings, compiled by
Nick Beech, will be published in a later collection of Hall’s writings.
Works by Stuart Hall
‘The New Conservatism and the Old’, Universities and Left Review 1 (1957)
‘A Sense of Classlessness’, Universities and Left Review 5 (1958)
‘The Habit of Violence’, Universities and Left Review 5 (1958)
NATO and the Alliances. A CND London Regional Council Discussion Pam-
phlet (1960)
‘Crossroads Nowhere’, in Andrew Salkey (ed.), West Indian Stories (1960)
‘End of the Grand Designs?’, War & Peace: The CND Quarterly 1:2 (1963)
‘The Social Eye of Picture Post’, Working Papers in Cultural Studies 2 (1972)
‘The Determination of News Photographs’, Working Papers in Cultural
Studies 3 (1972)
‘Encoding and Decoding in the Media Discourse’, Centre for Contemporary
Cultural Studies, Birmingham University: Stencilled Occasional Paper 7
‘The “Structured Communication” of Events’, in UNESCO, Obstacles to
Communication Symposium (1973)
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