March 1, 1781 Javiera Carrera born
September 18, 1810 Governing junta established in Santiago in response to Napo-
leon’s capture of Fernando VII
April 1, 1811 Unsuccessful royalist mutiny led by Tomás de Figueroa
July 4, 1811 Installation of Chilean Congress in Santiago
September 4, 1811 The Larraíns and Carreras purge Congress of conservatives
November 16, 1811 José Miguel Carrera takes charge of junta and dissolves
March 27, 1813 First royal expedition sent by viceroy of Peru lands at
April 1813– July 1814 Patriots fight among themselves as well as against royal troops
August 12, 1814 Royal troops under command of Mariano Osorio land at
October 2, 1814 Battle of Rancagua; royalists take control of Santiago while
many patriots flee over Andes
October 9, 1814 Mariano Osorio takes power as governor and captain general
November 1814 Suspected patriots sent to presidio on Juan Fernández Islands
December 1815 Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont takes office as governor and
captain general
February 12, 1817 Battle of Chacabuco; Bernardo O’Higgins becomes supreme
April–December 1817 Patriots hold Concepción; royalists hold Talcahuano
April 1817 José Miguel Carrera flees Buenos Aires to Montevideo
August 1817 Luis and Juan José Carrera imprisoned in Mendoza
January 1, 1818 O’Higgins formally declares in de pen dence, but evacuates civil-
ians from southern Chile
March 19, 1818 Battle of Cancha Rayada; victory for royal troops
April 5, 1818 Battle of Maipú; victory for patriots
Chronology of Events in Chile
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