This book is the product of a continuing dialogue that began several years
ago among Jane Atkinson, Saraswati Sunindyo, Jean Taylor, Diane Wolf,
and myself and then grew to include Sita Aripurnami, Nancy Florida,
Tineke Hellwig, Arlene Lev, Daniel Lev, Ann Stoler, Julia Suryakusuma,
Sylvia Tiwon, Anna Tsing, and others. I wish to thank Toby Volkman and
the members of the Joint Committee on Southeast Asia of the Social
Science Research Council and American Council of Learned Societies in
for the lively arguments and discussions that helped to
clarify and enrich the volume in important ways. Hendrik Maier gra-
ciously read the entire manuscript for the Southeast Asia Committee of
the Council. Although I could or would not answer
the valuable cri-
tiques of my introduction to the book, I hope my essay has captured the
liveliness and intensity of these debates. This book brings ideas and agen-
das into print that will continue to engage Indonesianists and other schol-
ars and activists well into the next millennium.
Other colleagues who were kind enough to read my introduction
and offer perceptive comments include Liza Black, Gail Dreyfuss, Susan
Glenn, Susan Jeffords, Daniel Lev, Mary Steedly, Sylvia Tiwon, and-
through a fortuitous visit
the University of Washington in the winter
and spring of 1993-Nita Kumar. A final group oflate-night critical readers
included Chris Brown, Lisa Mitchell, and Loren Ryter-graduate students
at the University of Washington. Arlene Lev provided much needed ad-
vice and inspiration on both the form and the content of the book and
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