List of Acronyms Used
colchs Columbia County Historical Society, Kinderhook
grchs Greene County Historical Society, Coxsackie
n-yhs New-York Historical Society, NewYork
nypl NewYork Public Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts, NewYork
nysArc NewYork State Archives, Albany
nysha NewYork State Historical Association, Cooperstown
nysl NewYork State Library, Albany
Introduction: Everyday Life and the Making of Rural Development in the Hudson Valley
1 AnneGrant, MemoirsofanAmericanLady,withSketchesof MannersandSceneryinAmerica
as They Existed Previous to the Revolution (London,1808),1:64; Hudson Weekly Gazette,
30 Sept.1788, 4; William Coventry Diary,3 July1798, nysha.
2 Hudson Northern Whig, 7 March1815;17 Sept.1816.
3 Hudson Rural Repository, 19March1836,167.Seealso Catskill Messenger, 28March1833,
2;1Jan.1834, 2.
4 George Holcomb Diary, 22 Dec. 1838, nysl; see also Ann-Janette Dubois Diary,
28 Dec.1839, grchs.
5 Report of the Greene County Agricultural Society for 1847 (n.p.,1847),3. My reference is
to a special printing located at grchs. The report originallyappeared in Transactions
of the New York State Agricultural Society for 1847 (Albany,1848).
6 AlexanderCoventryDiary,23June1786(typescripteditedbytheAlbanyInstituteof
History and Art and nysl, 1978); William Hoffman Diary,16,19, and 23 Aug.1847
(also see 26 June1847), n-yhs.
7 Alexander Coventry Diary, 11 Nov. 1785, 15 May 1787; Theodore A. Cole Diary,
14Sept.1857, mv 1207, grchs; WilburFiskStrongDiary,5and20Oct.1858, mv 231,
grchs. Eight shillings were the equivalent of one dollar.
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