This volume contains work produced over the past seven years, including
sections of previously published works that have been substantially revised
and reframed, and augmented by new work that makes a larger argument than
was possible in any earlier essay. Reworking the material has been a pro-
tracted and emotional task. I have had the opportunity to see how much my
own thinking has changed as events and projects have come and gone, but
these changes also remind me that some of the people who were important to
me and to this work will not get to see the finished project. I want to make a
special dedication to three of those people here: to Michael Lynch, a crucial
member of Toronto's The Body Politics collective, gay historian, archivist,
and poet; to AI Parker, whose career and strong advocacy of safe sex within
the porn industry made possible some of the texts I discuss in chapter 3 - I
especially recall his generous help in launching Safe Company for the gay
men of Boston; to Mike Reagle, who introduced me to both poststructuralism
and the bushes, who struggled for the rights of prisoners, and especially their
right to information about
means of preventing transmission, and access
to care.
I want to also thank Judy Frank, who, for the entire course of these
writings, got me up many hills and through several swampy valleys; Eve
Kosofsky Sedgwick, who continues to be at the center of my pretended-
extended family; Mary Petty, who convinced me that work isn't everything,
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