1. Around
The occasion of this paper was the first lesbian and gay studies conference held at
Yale University. The paper was published as "Hegemony and Orgasm, or the Impos-
sibility of Heterosexuality," Screen,
The "come shot" or "money shot" is the spectacular display of male orgasm.
3. Safe sex pamphlets do not recommend this technique since most men cannot
reliably "pull out" before ejaculation, and because some men have copious quantities
of pre-come, also potentially implicated in
4. The regionally distributed newspaper GO was published by the Gays of Ottawa,
the local gay and lesbian council, but was governed by a partially autonomous editorial
board. GO was somewhere between a house publication and an independent news-
paper, two media that had figured prominently in the formation and interconnection of
geographically dispersed gay and lesbian communities of the twentieth century. Both
forms had been especially crucial during the first years of the epidemic, when main-
stream media declined to say anything about
prevention or care. The ad
tion had been approved by the lesbians and gay men of the editorial board, folks savvy
about local political trends.
5. Indeed, I've long argued that opposing gay men's and women's interests hampers
the feminist agenda more than it helps it. Although it is not always easy to form happy
coalitions across deeply gendered issues, policy and research logics, and not individ-
uals' prejudices, frame the categories of visibility and urgency that are responsible for
small groups' need to fight over meager resources. See especially my Last Served?
Gendering the
Pandemic in which I argue that gendered ideologies overdetermine
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