I am indebted to many people for their help and support with the
research and writing of this book. Deborah Poole convinced me in
di≈cult times that I could complete the project. Her early critical
readings sharpened my analysis and invigorated my perception. At the New
School for Social Research, William Milberg stepped in with ideas, encour-
agement, and support at key moments. At the City University of New York
Michael Blim, Jane Schneider, and Marc Edelman were unfailingly generous
with their time, ideas, and encouragement. Thanks also to Nancy Foner, who
supported my anthropological research and writing from the beginning. I owe
huge thanks to Richard Wells, Liz Fitting, and Erin Koch for their help with
my early drafts, and to two anonymous reviewers for comments on a later one.
Within the flower industry I have many more debts. Gary Page has helped
me repeatedly. He and Jaap Kras opened many doors in distant places. My
thanks go also to Jaap and Cindy Long for their illuminating conversations.
Henri van der Borg, John Ackell, and Mike Thomas have been tirelessly
patient with my questions, year after year. Paul Daum has my eternal thanks
for permitting me access to his archive of flower industry documents, which
enabled me to include critical pieces of information and ideas in this study. I
would also like to thank Paul Poelstra, Simon Zwarts, and Remko v. d. Marel
in the Netherlands for giving me time out of their very busy lives. I am
grateful for everything I learned from Ramiro Penaherrera, Miguel Mascaro,
and Hanspeter Hug in Ecuador. My thanks also go to the many flower buyers,
flower sellers, flower growers, and flower traders who contributed so much to
this project and who are not named in this book.
I owe much to my husband Bill Ziegler and my daughters, Nancy and
Susan, for their help with the manuscript, for keeping everything going dur-
ing my absences, and for their unflagging support. Finally, it is thanks to
William Roseberry’s enthusiasm and encouragement that I started this project
years ago. His memory inspired its completion.
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