Over the course of almost a decade this project began as a master’s the
evolved into a doctoral thesis, and finally became a book manuscript. T
first person I would like to thank is Steve Casey, who offered truly
valuable guidance at an early stage that pushed me in the right directi
Avi Shlaim and Yuen Foong Khong provided wise and thoughtful co
ments as my thesis advisors. Warren Kimball, Melvyn Leffler, Peter C
roll, Martin Ceadel, Michael Fullilove, and an anonymous reviewer r
the entire manuscript and made excellent suggestions that improved
book considerably. Tom Buchanan, Barbara Farnham, Richard Traina, Al
Guttmann, Paul Preston, and Andrew Hurrell also gave extremely use
advice on aspects of the book.
I would also like to thank Valerie Millholland, my editor at Duke Univ
sity Press, for ably guiding the project through the publishing process, a
Fred Kameny for his accomplished copy editing. I am grateful to Nat
Hanemann for drawing the maps of Spain. The librarians and other s
at the libraries and archives I visited were uniformly helpful. I thank S
Publications for permission to include material from my journal art
‘‘Franklin D. Roosevelt and Covert Aid to the Loyalists in the Spanish C
War, 1936–1939,’’ Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 39, no. 3 (200
I express my gratitude to the Economic and Social Research Council,
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the Frank Knox Memorial Tr
the Mershon Center at Ohio State University, and the Olin Institute for S
tegic Studies at Harvard University for providing financial support. I th
Amy Oakes for her constant love, guidance, and encouragement, and
her willingness to offer superb comments on the entire manuscript. Ne
less to say, all mistakes remain my own.
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