It is impossible to acknowledge all the support I have received from
advisors, colleagues, students, librarians, archivists, friends and family,
and flight attendants throughout the long process of turning what started
as a graduate seminar paper on the group Stewardesses For Women’s
Rights into this book. But I am grateful for the chance to o√er at least
some thanks.
I have enjoyed an extended sojourn at the University of Cambridge in
recent years among an illustrious community of scholars in the Faculty of
History and at Jesus College. At Cambridge, a Mellon Research Fellow-
ship in American History, a generous multiyear postdoctoral fellowship,
has enabled me to finish this book, among other things. I want to thank
especially Tony Badger and Michael O’Brien and gratefully acknowledge
the Mellon Fund of the History Faculty. Others who deserve mention
include Ann Holton, Josh Zietz, and Dan Rodgers, who graciously pro-
vided comments on the project while a visiting Pitt Professor. Thanks
also to the students I have taught at Cambridge for many interesting
discussions of America past and present.
The History Department at New York University o√ered a nurturing
community during my graduate studies. I was lucky enough to have as
my advisor Lizabeth Cohen, who always o√ered incisive criticism and
counsel, as well as crucial mentoring. Daniel J. Walkowitz was unstint-
ingly generous with his time and provided invaluable advice at every turn
in dissertation research and writing. I hope he sees in this book how
much all that red ink helped. Though absurdly busy, Robin D. G. Kelley
provided brilliant comments and suggestions at key junctures. David
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