We begin by thanking Megan M. Wood: there are no words to convey our
gratitude. Simply put, Megan was a lifesaver. She stepped in when we
absolutely could not have managed without her. The timely and efficient
completion of this volume is due to Megan’s hard work and dedication.
She was tireless in her devotion to the project, putting up with our endless
last- minute rush requests and doing everything with good humor and the
kind of efficiency we fear we will not encounter again. Amazingly, she did
this because of her belief in the project and her incredible desire to learn,
since we were unable to provide any material compensation. Amid all the
busywork, Megan was also able to parse through complex theory and see
the forest for the trees, helping guide us when we got lost. Her mark is on
every page of this work.
We would like to thank Kelly Gates for her wonderful suggestions and
insights in a review of an early draft of the manuscript—her input shaped
the project. We are also grateful to the anonymous reviewer who provided
many invaluable suggestions for the work. Courtney Berger, our editor at
Duke, has shepherded us through this process, always supportive, amaz-
ingly encouraging and wise, and, of course, patient. To Erin Hanas, the
editorial associate at Duke, we are grateful for always keeping on top of
things, and particularly, in the final stages, for working tirelessly to make
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