Prelude: On the Road to Charlotte
1 ‘‘Goodbye, Sweet Charlotte: Famed Track Sells Its Identity,’’ Sports Illustrated
(22 February 1999): 66.
2 As a matter of fact, there is a Museum of the New South located in Charlotte,
one that ‘‘explores the history and economic, social, and cultural changes that
have transformed Charlotte, NC, and its 13 surrounding communities into a New
South epicenter.’’ See U.S. Airways’s Attaché (November 2001): 24.
1 Car Culture and the American Dream
1 Steve Rushin, ‘‘A Fun Ride, I Reckon,’’ Sports Illustrated (22 February 1999): 22.
2 You can learn much more about Indiana small towns than you ever wanted to
know in my essay ‘‘Small Towns, Mass Society, and the Twenty-first Century,’’
Society 38, no. 1(November–December 2000): 3–10.
3 If you are unsure about the difference between drag racing and stock-car racing,
or about any of the other more or less technical aspects of the sport as I describe
them here, not to worry. Chapter 3 will tell you everything you need to know.
4 For readers unaware of the terminology, the Winston Cup is nascar’s premier
competition—it is to stock-car racing what the nba is to basketball. NASCAR is
the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing, the sanctioning body
forWinston Cup racing and for a number of other series as well, among them the
Busch Grand National Series and the Craftsman Truck Series, both of which are
minor-league stepping-stones with large and growing fan followings. (You’re not
surprised that nascar drivers also race pickup trucks now, are you?) NASCAR
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