t would be impossible to name all the people,
and musicians that have helped
and inspired us over the years. Though we’ve cer-
tainly missed more than we are remembering, the
contributors to this book would like to acknowl-
edge the following for their assistance in assem-
bling the pieces included in this collection:
Jessica Abel, Bob Abrahamian, Jennifer Alex-
ander, Pedro Bell, donnie l. betts, Maggie Brown,
Chris Butler, Paul Crayton, Robert Dayton, Derek
Erdman, Art Fein, Gary Pig Gold, John Greenfield,
Dave Hoekstra, Barbara Holt, Anthony Illarde,
Lux Interior, Steve Krakow, Kelly Kuvo, Michael
Lazarus, Miriam Linna, Joe Losurdo, Jason
Lutes, Mario, William McCurtin, Annabel Meri-
nuk, Thora Merinuk, Billy Miller, Phil Milstein,
Sergio Mims, Jason Mitchell, James Moore, Eric
Nix, Chuck Nolan, John Porcellino, Bob Pruter,
Quintron and Pussycat, Noah Schaeffer, Marcus
Shaffer, Paul Slifer, Dan Springer, Rob Syers, Yuval
Taylor, Nick Tosches, Claude Trenier, Milt Trenier,
Skip Trenier, Alex Wald, Jason Walker, Martin
Willis, Ken Wissoker, Tommie Wix, Rick Wojcik,
Ken Wong, Caroline Shirley Woodward, Harry
Young, and the spaceboys of Zolar X.
And our deep gratitude goes out to anyone who
has contributed to, or read, Roctober over the last
two decades.
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