Suggested Listening, Viewing, Surfing
hough we hope Roctober readers get their fin-
gers dirty at used record shops, thrift stores,
garage sales (and, in moderation, eBay) making
terms such as out of print and reissue meaningless,
for those of you with actual lives here is a guide to
relatively easy- to- find examples of the work dis-
cussed in these pages.
Oscar Brown Jr.
Unjustly, but fortunately for you, Mr. Brown’s LPs
do not command collector’s prices, and can be ob-
tained quite easily, but for the digitally minded
there have been CD reissues of most of his work,
including a series of discs from the Collectables
reissue label ( His collaboration
with Max Roach, We Insist! Freedom Now Suite, has
been reissued a few times in Europe over the last
decade on CD and vinyl. Collections of his Jazz
Scene USA Tv program on DvD are currently out of
print, but the finest document on Mr. Brown’s life,
donnie l. betts’s documentary, is available on DvD
directly from the filmmaker at www.musicismylife
Guy Chookoorian
Though his classic 78s and 45s sometimes appear
on eBay, the best way to find Chookoorian’s work
is on, where you can purchase com-
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