Steve Albini
is a recording engineer and music fan
from Chicago, Illinois.
Ben Austen
is a contributing editor to Harper’s
Magazine, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal
and the Atlantic, and a White Sox fan.
Jake Austen
is the editor of Roctober magazine,
produces the cable- access children’s television
show Chic- A- Go- Go, and has written for such
monosyllabic- titled magazines as Heeb, Vice, Spin,
and Zisk. He is the author of TV- a- Go- Go (Chicago
Review Press) and the coauthor of the forthcom-
ing Darkest America (Norton).
John Battles
is a writer, musician, and artist based
in Chicago. He has been with Roctober for over fif-
teen years, and has written for Bad Trip, Psycho-
tronic Video, Cool and Strange Music, Black to Comm,
and others.
is a sleaze merchant of the highest (lowest?)
caliber who spends most of his life drinking rum,
smoking cigars, and tracking down pornogra-
phy of the most perverse sorts to disperse to the
Ken Burke
is the author of Country Music Changed
My Life and the coauthor of The Blue Moon Boys:
The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band (Chicago Review
Press). Besides Roctober, Burke’s credits include
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