I especially want to thank members of the Confédération Paysanne
for opening their meeting rooms and barn doors to me during the first
years of researching this book. The generosity of spirit I experienced
there will forever be unparalleled. I want to thank Bruno Latour and
Michele Callon for allowing me to play thesard as a research fellow
at their Centre de Société de l’Innovation at L’École des Mines. The
intellectual rigor and my affiliation with this uniquely French presti-
gious institution provided me the golden key to the city and through-
out outre Paris (anyplace in France that’s not Paris) as well. I also ex-
press gratitude to Claire Marris and Les Levidow for keen insight
and encouragement. I thank the National Science Foundation and
the University of Massachusetts for making the research a financial
possibility. Jackie Urla and Rich Fantasia, members of my disserta-
tion committee, you are shining stars. I will always be indebted to the
vision, mentorship, and friendship of the father of “green ecology,”
the political theorist Murray Bookchin. May his soul rest in the uto-
pian light he emanated while alive. Back in the 1980s, he helped me
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