1. Until 1949, Edwards Air Force Base was known as Muroc Army Air Field.
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Linear Deceleration”; Spark, “The Fastest Man on Earth”; and Stapp, “Human Tolerance
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3. My discussion of the legend of Murphy’s Law draws on Spark, “The Fastest Man on
4. This uncommon variant is notable as the only one that does not imply the notion of
error or failure.
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10. See Clark, “Bodies from 2009 Air France Crash Are Found”; and Hylton, “The
Deepest End.” remus is an acronym for Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit Sys-
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15. I borrow the term protocols from Lisa Gitelman, who writes that protocols “include
a vast clutter of normative rules and default conditions, which gather and adhere like a
nebulous array around a technological nucleus. Protocols express a huge variety of social,
economic, and material relationships” (Always Already New, 7).
16. Calinescu, Five Faces of Modernity, 41.
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