Muzaffar Alam is a professor in the Department of South Asian Languages
and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. His publications include
The Crisis of Empire in Mughal North India (1986); The Languages of Politi-
cal Islam: India 1200–1800 (2004); and most recently, with Sanjay Subrah-
manyam, Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400–1800 (2007).
Imre Bangha is a lecturer in Hindi at the University of Oxford and head of the
Alexander Csoma de Koros Centre for Oriental Studies at the Hungarian
University of Transylvania, Romania. He works with early Hindi text edit-
ing and is the author of Saneh ko marag: Ananghan ka jivanvritt (1999).
Aditya Behl taught Hindi and Urdu literature and sultanate and Mughal cul-
tural history in the Department of South Asia Studies at the University of
Pennsylvania. He translated fiction and poetry from Hindi, Urdu, and Pan-
jabi into Eng lish, notably Shaikh Manjhan’s Madhumalati: An Indian Sufi
Romance (2000), and was the editor of The Penguin New Writing in India
(1994). His monograph on the Hindavi Sufi romances, Love’s Subtle Magic:
An Indian Islamic Literary Tradition, 1379–1545, is forthcoming, as is a verse
translation of Shaikh Qutban’s Sufi romance Mirigavati: The Magic Doe.
Allison Busch is assistant professor of Indian literature at Columbia Univer-
sity. Her current research centers on courtly texts written in the classical
Hindi dialect of Brajbhasha during the early modern period. She has pub-
lished several essays on the poetry and intellectual life of writers of the
seventeenth century. Her book on Mughal-period Hindi literature, Poetry
of Kings, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.
Sumit Guha is a professor of history at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.
His research focuses on western India after 1200 ce.
Janet Gyatso has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley and
taught at Amherst College before taking up her present position at Har-
vard University as the Divinity School’s first Hershey Professor of Buddhist
Studies. Her books include Apparitions of the Self: The Secret Autobiogra-
phies of a Tibetan Visionary (1998); In the Mirror of Memory: Reflections on
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