The materials contained in this book evolved over the course of five years,
which happened to be a particularly di≈cult, challenging, and finally reward-
ing period in my personal and professional life. The writing process played a
meaningful role in my analyzing and understanding the personal process,
and thus in surviving it. Although the turbulence of this period hindered and
slowed the creative process, it contributed to my sensitivity to and compas-
sion for (women’s) predicament and pain, and thus, I hope, to the depth of
my analysis. This book holds much energy and passion inspired by various
stages of a long process of injury, battle, and healing.
Many people supported me in the personal journey that coincided with the
writing of this book, and I am forever grateful to them. Special thanks to Dina
Wardi, John Hartman, Nita Schechet, Rachel Benziman, Batya Segal, Roni
Weinstein and Dorit Lerer, Uri Sadeh, Michal Steinman, Barbara Garavaglia,
Roberta Nerrison Low, Audrey Macklin, Rebecca Johnson, Pnina Lahav, Rich-
ard Lempert and Lisa Khan, James Boyd White, Omri Ben-Shachar, Yvonne,
Dan, and Steve Kaplan, and, of course, my family.
I am beholden to the many fabulous students, in Israel, Michigan, and
Slovenia, with whom I discussed and analyzed the films, and to friends and
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