List of Key Characters
octovianus mote, a journalist and public
intellectual from the Mee tribe, was the bureau
chief of Kompas, a daily newspaper in West Papua’s
capital, Jayapura. In 1999 he played a key role in
setting up the meeting between the Team of 100
leaders and President B. J. Habibie (see chapter 2).
Narrowly escaping a botched assassination
attempt, on the heels of this historic event, Mote
was granted political asylum in the United States. As a visiting fellow at
Cornell University and Yale University, he recruited me to help explore the
halls of the U.S. Congress as he searched for possibilities of freedom for
his people in a seemingly impossible geopolitical situation (see chapter 6).
Photograph courtesy of Elsham Papua.
Denny yomaki served as the secretary of Elsham
Papua, the Institute of Human Rights Study and
Advocacy. Personal entanglements with Wasior, a
seemingly remote town that was suddenly rocked
by violence as a bP natural gas project started up
nearby, led Yomaki to launch an investigation into
Indonesian military covert operations (see
chapter 3). Serving as a guide to epistemologically murky realms, where
supernatural specters masked surprising collaborations, Yomaki helped me
translate ephemeral rumors into forms of knowledge that then traveled
to the halls of global power (see chapter 4). Photograph courtesy of Elsham
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