1791 A slave revolt in Saint- Domingue leads to the Haitian Revolution.
1794 Th e National Assembly abolishes slavery in French colonies.
1799 November 9 (18 Brumaire)
Napoléon, leading a coup d’état, replaces the Directory with the Consul-
ate government.
1801 July
Toussaint Louverture promulgates a constitution for Saint- Domingue.
Napoléon’s General Charles Leclerc leads an invasion force to
Saint- Domingue.
1802 May
Louis Delgrès leads an army of freed blacks in the failed battle of Ma-
touba against reimposition of slavery in Guadeloupe.
1803 April
Toussaint Louverture dies in prison in France.
1804 January 1
Haiti becomes in de pen dent under Jean- Jacques Dessalines.
1811 Henry Christophe becomes king of northern Haiti.
1828–1830 Victor Schoelcher travels to Cuba and the United States, aft er which he
publishes his fi rst abolitionist writings.
1840–1841 Schoelcher travels to the French and British Ca rib be an colonies and
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