Freedom with Violence is a work that ex-
plores the legitimate violences that sub-
tend modern political modernity in the
United States. It argues against the politi-
cal and theoretical concession to these
violences, suggesting the limits of vio-
lence to foreclose, obliterate, or fully en-
compass that upon which it manifests.
And, it focuses on race and sexuality as
two formations that, albeit differently,
manifest both US political modernity’s
geo-historical violences as well as the
limits of those violences to shape, control,
or restrict social formations of difference.
Indeed, it is the recalcitrant racialized and
sexualized communities shaped by mo-
dernity’s dependence upon legitimate
violence—communities whose practices
of association remain nearly unintel-
ligible within the modern structure of
knowledge—that focus my attention and
critique of violence in this book.
Even as I write these words, the United
States continues its assaults and use of
unmatched rational technologies of vio-
lence in the Middle East, North Africa,
and West and South Asia. With the griev-
ous and unimaginable loss of life the new
US strategy of permanent war and global
police actions continues to wrought, it
can at times seem like little more than an
intellectual exercise to speak of the limits
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