Like all collaborative projects, this book would not have been possible
without a wide range of support from many individuals and programs.
Many of the ideas in the book were hammered out at the Geographies of
Gender in the Arab Revolutions workshop at the Nasher Museum of Art at
Duke University in December 2013. We are incredibly grateful to the schol-
ars who participated in the workshop as presenters and interlocutors for
their comments, provocations, and energy: Lamia Benyoussef, Courtney
Berger, Laurel Bradley, Elyse Crystall, Susanne Dahlgren, Karina Eileraas,
Susana Galán, Banu Gökarıksel, M. Ali Kadivar, Cybelle McFadden, Ali
Mian, Alyssa Miller, Jessica Namakkal, Nora Fisher Onar, Sonali Pahwa,
Tamar Shirinian, Louis Yako, and Nadia Yaqub.
We appreciate Banu Gökarıksel for her insights on each chapter and for
ultimately writing the final chapter of the book. Endless thanks go to Son-
ali, Lamia, Susanne, Susana, Karina, and Banu for their patience and effi-
ciency during the very productive process of writing, revising, and editing
their chapters. We hope they are as proud of the book as we are.
Courtney Berger, our editor at Duke University Press, supported this
project when it was still germinating and at every stage thereafter and of-
fered productive criticism that facilitated its completion. The incisive feed-
back and support of three anonymous reviewers energized us and pushed
the project to the next level.
We are grateful to Elizabeth Ault, Susana Galán, Susanne Dahlgren, and
Jamal Dillman- Hasso for critical readings of drafts of the introduction and
to Jamal for preparing the consolidated bibliography.
We thank Marialana Weitzel, Keri Majikes, Kim Carlisle, Sheila Devis,
and the staff of the Nasher Museum for administrative assistance they pro-
vided at different stages. Special thanks to the calm Sandra Korn at Duke
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