Lamia Benyoussef is an assistant professor in the Department of Mod-
ern Foreign Languages at Birmingham Southern College. She has a PhD
in English from Michigan State University. Her areas of specialization are
postcoloniality, feminist theory, Arab studies, and African literature, with
a specific emphasis on the Maghreb. She is the author of The Production
of the Muslim Woman: Negotiating Text, History and Ideology (2005) and a
number of journal articles.
Susanne Dahlgren studied anthropology at the University of Edin-
burgh, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the
University of Helsinki. Her book, Contesting Realities: The Public Sphere
and Morality in Southern Yemen, was published in 2010. After a postdoctor-
ate at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies she served as the Acad-
emy of Finland research fellow at the University of Helsinki. Currently she
is a senior lecturer at the University of Tampere and an academic scholar in
the National University of Singapore. She has written numerous articles on
ethnography of law and moralities, sexuality, and urban space. With Samuli
Schielke she coedited the volume “Moral Ambiguities and Muslim Lives”
of Contemporary Islam (2013), and she edited two volumes of the journal
Hawwa on Middle Eastern family studies.
Karina Eileraas is a visiting assistant professor of gender studies at the
University of Southern California. She was the first graduate of the wom-
en’s studies PhD program at ucla. Her areas of interest include sexual vio-
lence, fantasy, film, performance studies, and visual culture and sexuality,
revolution, exile, and women’s memoir and artistic practice in the Middle
East and North Africa. She has published numerous journal articles, book
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