A series edited by Gilbert M. Joseph
and Emily S. Rosenberg
This series aims to stimulate critical
perspectives and fresh interpretive frame-
works for scholarship on the history of the
imposing global presence of the United
States. Its primary concerns include the
deployment and contestation of power,
the construction and deconstruction of
cultural and political borders, the fluid
meanings of intercultural encounters, and
the complex interplay between the global
and the local. American Encounters seeks
to strengthen dialogue and collaboration
between historians of U.S. international
relations and area studies specialists.
The series encourages scholarship based
on multiarchival historical research. At the
same time, it supports a recognition of the
representational character of all stories
about the past and promotes critical in-
quiry into issues of subjectivity and narra-
tive. In the process, American Encounters
strives to understand the context in which
meanings related to nations, cultures,
and political economy are continually
produced, challenged, and reshaped.
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