The planet is moving through the void without any
master. There it is, the unbearable lightness of being.
—milan kundera,
Milan Kundera:
The Art of the Novel
The DNA Bridge
Every day, thousands of people from across Asia visit world- class
casinos in Macao and Singapore, gambling away millions of dollars
on cards, dice, and games of chance. Not far away, in the laborato-
ries of Singapore’s Biopolis and China’s
Genomics in Shenzhen,
Asian scientists using the latest biomedical technologies are hard at
work on a dif erent set of odds— the game of life itself. These are the
new Asian oddsmakers who have the power to remake the fortunes
of billions of Asians.
In Singapore, the parallel games of changing fate are graphically
configured in urban planning. On the waterfront, the stunning
Marina Bay Sands Casino, composed of three terraced towers, is
topped by a “skypark” that cradles an “infinity pool” (see figure E.1).1
To some ethnic Chinese, the striking skyline looks like ancestors’ tab-
lets arrayed at an altar. The casino is connected by the Helix Bridge to
the main island, where the Biopolis complex is situated. Designed by
an Australian- Singapore consortium, the bridge is an architectural
marvel that combines biotechnology and a yin- and-yang philoso-
phy. According to the Singapore Tourist Board, the double- helical
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