Adams, Vincanne, 212
afect: contrary afects in disease research,
77–78; ethnicized cancer risk and, 88–89;
in pan- Asian genomics, 158–60
Afordable Care Act (aca), 38
Africa: bgi proj ects in, 203; genomics in,
100–103; infectious disease research in,
African Americans: distrust of cancer
clinical trials among, 84–86; kinship and
descent ge ne tics and, ix–x
Agamben, Giorgio, 79
Agency for Science, Technology and
Research (a*star), xxi, 1–3, 116–17, 170;
award program, 126–29; local scientists
recruitment program of, 130–34; stratified
medicine development and, 14; viral-
ethnic fold in disease intervention and,
182–83, 236–37, 252n23
air hunger, ge ne tic studies of, 217–18
ancient human genome, bgi sequencing of,
Anderson, Benedict, 58, 211–12
Ang (Dr.) (pseudonym), 74–77, 86–87, 89,
animal- human transmission, in infectious
disease research, 179–81
animal testing, bioethics and, 59–60
anonymized data, transethnic genomics
and, 42–43
anthropology: of Asian scientific research,
xii–xv, 164–68; bioethics and, 94–98; of
biosecurity, 177–78; on cancer manage-
ment, 74–75; future issues in, xx–xxii;
genomics research and, 31–32, 43–45;
politics of survival and, 246n13; on secu-
rity, 20; superstar scientists and, 117–25;
technologies of care research in, 77–78
anthropos, xx
Armed Forces Research Institute of the
Medical Sciences (afrims), 175–76,
“ascribed races” system, transethnic genom-
ics and, 32–35
Asian Biotech (Ong and Chen), xiii
Asian Cancer Research Group, 208
Asian dna databases, 21
Asian ethnicity: cancer risk and, 65–66;
ge ne tics research and, xi–xii
Asian ge ne tics research: anthropology of,
xii–xv; autopoiesis and, 15, 137–39; bio-
markers research, 81–82; biopolitics
of deferral and, 78–81; China and, 198–99;
disease atlases and, 62–65; future chal-
lenges in, 235–37; ge ne tic architecture
in populations and, 47–49; indigenous
populations in, 157–60; intra- Asian
rivalry in, 147–50; media coverage of,
168–69; overview of, x–xii, xviii–xxii, 18;
patient- specific/population- specific
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