We have many people to thank as this collection goes to press. First, we deeply
appreciate the patience and cooperation of our contributors. We also are grate-
ful to the readers for Duke University Press and to our editor, Reynolds Smith,
for their helpful feedback and support in ushering this project to its conclusion.
Donella- Elizabeth Alston and Monica Guy in the Departments of Ethnic Studies
and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oregon have also been
invaluable through their administrative acumen and efficiency. Sharon Torian
and Mark Mastromarino and others at Duke University Press contributed their
support and assistance to this manuscript, and we are grateful for their efforts.
We would like to express our special thanks to Paula Moya and María Lu-
gones for their sustained feedback on the manuscript and the project of gay
Latino studies in general. Members of the Joto Caucus of the National Asso-
ciation of Chicana and Chicano Studies provided important emotional, social,
and spiritual support, and this collection would be something entirely differ-
ent without their inspiration. Finally we must thank Eric- Christopher García,
whose friendship, conversations, and assistance were invaluable in originally
getting this project off the ground.
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