Notes on Contributors
Elisabeth Bronfen, Professor of English and American Studies at the University of Zurich,
Switzerland, is the author of
Over Her Dead Body: Death, Femininity, and the Aesthetic.
Mladen Dolar is Professor of Social Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
He has published numerous books, including
"Wenn Musik der Liebe Nahrung ist ... ":
Mozart und die Philosophie der Oper.
Fredric Jameson is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature at Duke Univer-
sity. His numerous books include
The Political Unconscious
Postmodernism; or, The
Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism.
Renata Salecl, Researcher at the Institute for Criminology, University of Ljubljana, Slo-
venia, is the author of
The Spoils of Freedom: Psychoanalysis and Feminism after the Fall of
Slavoj Zizek is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Sciences, University of Ljubl-
jana, Slovenia. His many books include
Tarrying with the Negative: Kant, Hegel, and the
Critique of Ideology
The Indivisible Remainder: An Essay on Schelling and Related Mat-
Alenka ZupanCic, Researcher at the Institute for Philosophy, Slovene Academy of Sci-
ences, Ljubljana, is the author of
Ethik des Realen: Kant und Lacan.
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