Notes on Contributors
Tani E. Barlow
teaches history at San Francisco State University and is
senior editor of positions: east asia cultures critique. Her most recent
publication is Body, Subject, Power in China with Angela Zito (University
of Chicago Press, 1994).
Carolyn Brown,
Associate Dean and Professor of Chinese, Howard
University. Brown is a Lu Xun scholar, a pioneer in the study of dreams in
Chinese literature and the author of Psycho-Sinology: The Universe of
Dreams in Chinese Culture (Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Interna-
tional Center for Scholars, 1987).
Ching-kiu Stephen Chan
received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at
the University of California, San Diego. Chan is presently a Lecturer in
English at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His articles appear
frequently in MCL, Tamkang Review, and many other journals.
Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang
is Associate Professor of Chinese at the
University of Texas at Austin. She is author of Bamboo Shoots after the
Rain: Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of Taiwan (Feminist Press,
1990) and Modernism and the Nativist Resistance: Contemporary Chinese
Fictionfrom Taiwan (Duke University Press, 1993).
Yu-shih Chen
is Professor of Chinese at the University of Alberta in
Canada. She is the author of two books, Images and Ideas of Chinese
Classical Prose: Studies of Four Masters, and Realism andAllegory in the
Early Fiction of Mao Tun, and is the founding and chief editor of the
Chinese journal Nuxingren (W-M Semi-Annual) published in Taiwan.
Rey Chow
was educated in Hong Kong and the United States. She is
currently an associate professor of comparative literature at the University
of California, Irvine. Her recent publications include Writing Diaspora:
Tactics of Intervention in Contemporary Cultural Studies (Indiana Univer-
sity Press, 1993), "Between Colonizers: Hong Kong's Postcolonial Self-
Writing in the 1990s"
(Diaspora 2.2), and "A Shower of Love" (an essay
on Hong Kong film and culture), forthcoming in Modern Chinese Litera-
Margaret Decker,
Assistant Professor of Chinese language and literature
at the University of Minnesota. Decker has published several translations
of contemporary Chinese short stories and is currently working on a book-
length study of Gao Xiaosheng.
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