Howard Goldblatt
A good idea at just the righttime produced excellent results three years
ago, when this collection of articles and essays first appeared in Modem
Chinese Literature. It was the journal's first issue devoted to gender and
feminism, and the first anthology of its kind in Chinese literary studies. It
was immediately adopted for classroom use by many of its readers.
I foresee a similar destiny for this revised and expanded collection, so
ably edited and introduced by Tani Barlow. Rich harvests await anyone
interested in the literary activities and achievements of modem China, and
specialists and students in Chinese feminist and gender studies have already
signaled their appreciation for the project. But I believe, too, that reissuing
the volume is yet another sign that East Asian scholarship is making its mark
in cultural studies in general.
I am pleased that the editorial board of Modem Chinese Literature had
the good sense to listen to Professor Barlow back then, for this is a collection
that will be used and studied by a great many people for a long time to come.
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