The editors would like to thank Shelley Cobb, Monica Cullinan of the James
Joyce Library at University College Dublin, Nick Daly, Tamara Falicov, Paula
Gilligan, Debbie Ging, Aisling Jackman, Karen Jackman, Liam Kennedy and
the Clinton Institute for American Studies at University College Dublin,
Anthony McIntyre, Gerardine Meaney and the ucd Humanities Institute,
Moya Luckett, Christopher Holmes Smith, Ciaran Toner, and Erica Wetter.
For help in assembling the final manuscript we particularly thank Elizabeth
Rawitsch and Rachel Hall. Working with Courtney Berger, Liz Smith, Heather
Hensley, and Willa Armstrong at Duke University Press has been a pleasure.
The editors gratefully acknowledge the permission of Oxford University
Press to partially reprint material by Sarah Banet- Weiser first published in
Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis, edited by Manuel Castells, João Ca-
raça, and Gustavo Cardoso.
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