C o n t r i b u t o r s
Pamela Ballinger
is an associate professor of anthropology at Bowdoin College.
Her research interests include historical memory, displacement, coastal issues, Italy,
and Croatia. She is currently studying the return of Italian nationals from those ter-
ritories Italy lost after World War II.
Jennie E. Burnet
is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at
the University of Louisville. Her research interests include gender, ethnicity, war, geno-
cide, and reconciliation in postconflict societies. She has been conducting research in
Rwanda since 1997.
Conerly Casey
is an associate professor in the anthropology and psychology pro-
grams at the American University of Kuwait. She has published several articles and
book chapters about violence in northern Nigeria, including “  ‘Policing’ through Vio-
lence: Fear, Vigilantism and the Politics of Islam in Northern Nigeria” in Global Vigilan-
tes: Anthropological Approaches to Vigilantism (2007) and “Marginal Muslims”: Politics
and the Perceptual Bounds of Islamic Authenticity in Northern Nigeria,” Africa Today
Elizabeth F. Drexler
teaches anthropology at Michigan State University. Her re-
search in Indonesia and East Timor explores how societies address the legacies of past
violence, emphasizing the relationships among institutions, transnational interven-
tions, historical narratives, and memory. She is the author of Aceh, Indonesia: Secur-
ing the Insecure State and co-editor of a forthcoming volume on institutions of truth
and memory in the aftermath of violence. Her current research considers impunity in
Leslie Dwyer
teaches anthropology and coordinates the peace and conflict studies
program at Haverford College. She has conducted research in Indonesia since 1993,
most recently on the cultural and political implications of the state-sponsored anti-
communist violence of 1965–66. She is currently completing a book entitled A World
in Fragments: Violence and Its Aftermath in Bali, in collaboration with the Balinese
anthropologist Degung Santikarma, and beginning a new project on the social and
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