Acknowl edgments
This book represents my understanding of a collection of thoughts and
analytics regarding the governance of difference and markets in settler late
liberalism. This piece of writing is prob ably best understood in relation to
my previous books. I have, nevertheless, made every effort to keep this book
self- contained. There would be no thought to self- contain were it not for
a world of critical thinkers and actors whom I know and have known. To
most people who read this book, their names will be familiar and unfamil-
iar: Ruby Yarrowin, Betty Bilawag, Bobby Lane, Maudie Bennett, Agnes
Lippo, Maggie Timber, Alice Wainbirri, Margorie Nuki, Ester Djarem,
Tom Barradjap, John Bianamu, Frank Dumu, Cold Blood, the members
of the Karrabing (including Linda Yarrowin, Rex Sing, Rex Edmunds,
Cecilia Lewis, Robyn Lane, Trevor Bianamu, Sandra Yarrowin, and Claude
Holtze), Nadia Abu El Haj, Julieta Aranda, David Barker, Thomas Bartlett,
Sheridan Bartlett, Kathryn Behar, Lauren Berlant, Mario Blaser, Marisol
de la Cadena, Jason Coleman, Jodi Dean, Dilip Gaonkar, Natasha Gin-
wala, Sarah Coleman Harwell, Elizabeth Johnson, Liza Johnson, Eduardo
Kohn, Tess Lea, Tom Sleigh, Nick Shapiro, Audra Simpson, Peter Skafish,
Anton Vidokle, Michael Warner, Robyn Wiegman, Elizabeth Wilson, Su-
sanne Winterling, Brian Wood, Kathryn Yuseff, and Vivian Ziherl. I would
also like to thank the conveners and audiences at the Cogut Center for the
Humanities, Brown University; the Luma Foundation Futures of Lyotard’s
Re sis tance; the Society of the Humanities, Cornell University; the Politics,
Ethics, Ontologies Conference, Amsterdam Institute for the Social Sci-
ences; the Climatic Unconscious Conference, sponsored by e- flux and
the Remai Modern, Saskatoon; the Conference on Engineered Worlds,
University of Chicago; the Center for the Study of Women and Men,
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