We want to thank the large number of people who made this book possible:
family members, colleagues, institutions, and interviewees. Our families
have lived with this book. The disruptions were many. They range from
Georges and Nina moving into each other’s households so as to be able to
write together, to us demanding that each member of our household define
the terms nationalism, patriotism, and transnationalism. For their patience,
moral and material support, and intellectual contributions, we would like
to thank: Maud, Seendy, Valery, Fanchette, Gaelle, Maurice, Solange, Pat-
rick, Fabiola, Farah, Leni, Kethly, Josette, Milou, Gerald, Miche, Manvyo,
Pada, Guetty and family, Yvette, Berline, Closita, Fabienne, Magi, and
Yvonne, Rachel, Naomi, Steve, Devan, Evelyn, and Warren.
This book was completed because of the perceptive and patient editing
of Rachel Schiller, Naomi Schiller, and Richard Downs, the research and
word-processing support of Natalie Elivert, Carrie Fisher, Rachel Price,
Pierre Minn, Greg Osborn, and Carolyn Stolzenburg, and the computer
wizardry of Dee-Ann Dixon, and we thank them. We would also like to ac-
knowledge the research assistance of Jonas Frank, Max Guerrier, Fabienne
Molin, Claude Monfiston, and Warren Silverzahn, whose help all proved
invaluable. Institutional support has been provided by sabbatical leaves
granted from SUNY Stony Brook and the University of New Hampshire,
and grants from the Wenner Gren Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation
through the Instituto de Filosofia e Ciencias ˆ Humanas, unicamp, the Mel-
lon Foundation through postdoctoral fellowships at Yale University, and
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